UIS Emergency Response Team

University Information Services (UIS) plays a key roll in supporting the Georgetown University Emergency Response Team. The UIS team that performs this function is Emergency Support Team #2 (EST #2).

The Georgetown Emergency Response Team consists of teams, 15 in total, from all University functions. Each team plays a significant role in preparing for and responding to any emergency situation that occurs at the University. In doing so it is essential that theses teams are able to communicate and use technology to support their response actions. EST #2 (UIS) is responsible for ensuring that these technology systems are functioning and continue to operate as needed for the duration of any event.

Role of EST #2

EST #2 is charged with providing technical expertise and operational support for all voice, data, video, Internet and Core Systems during campus emergencies. EST #2 is responsible for ensuring that the various communication methods (GU email, telephone and campus cable television systems, GU web, internet access) used to disseminate information to the community are functioning. EST #2 conducts preventative maintenance and periodic testing of all emergency communications systems.


UIS notifies its leadership team to initiate response operations, including the potential activation of the UIS Emergency Command Center in Poulton Hall. UIS notifies appropriate business technology partners to recover or resolve any network-related issues.


This EST maintains faculty and staff directory rosters, ensures the operability of all core systems and maintains established contracts with business technology service providers to ensure continuity of operations for building data network services and Internet Access, local and long distance telephone services, campus data network. This EST ensures that Georgetown has the capability for systems redundancy and backup of all critical records.

University Information Services is the primary office involved in this EST. This EST develops and maintains operational plans to fulfill these responsibilities, coordinating as needed with other representatives of the ERT to obtain logistical and other support. It develops appropriate back up measures to ensure a continued ability to deliver uninterrupted date and communication systems.

Immediate Response Actions

  • Activate UIS Emergency Plan
  • Determine impact on operability of core systems
  • Notify Poulton Hall of emergency
  • Determine impact on communications systems
  • Phone system
  • Email
  • Web site
  • Internet Access
  • Make appropriate notifications

For specific UIS team actions use your departmental business continuity plan. You can access your departmental BC plan in the UIS wiki, or by logging on to the Mitigator system at;  https://rcm.rentsys.com/RCM_542628

You must be a UIS staff member to access these files and sign in using your NetID and password.